28-10-2016 : Enable PVP Zones
* PVP Zones on Epic Areas
* PVP Zone on Primev PVP Area
* When a player go out of PVP Area Stay FLAGED for 20sec
after this time pass player direct unflag keep it on your mind for PKs.

21-10-2016 : Vote to make PVP Zones on Epic Areas
Finally our community Vote to add PVP Zone on Epics Area

15-10-2016 : In Game Changes
Release 3 Clanhall from inactive Clans

11-10-2016 : In Game Changes
Disable gotolove if partner is dead
Add : .vip “MESSAGE”  voice command, allow vips to speak on global channel with differnce color
Add : .viptele is same with gotolove but is betwheen Same party Vip chars and cost 10 Gold per Teleport
Add : Change Gender(sex) on the Service Manager -> More Services -> Change Gender

8-10-2016 Fix Login server Connection Error

1-10-2016 Fix Login server Connection Error

23-9-2016 FIX: Firewall Problem with Login Server.
with this DDOS Attact we have put very hard rules on our firewall, one of them by mistake block for a time some player from login server, this problem has fixed.

20-9-2016 About LAG and Freezes,
Last days we accept a big amount of DDOS Attact, Our Shield Defence this Attact and Server not Crash, but under attact time is possible to see lag or freeze in game for some minutes. Others server if accept too many DDOS attact has close some days ago :), we are alive . DDOS attact Cost alot of money for the attacker (80-100 Dedicated Server Around the world !!! OMG !!! i can open 50 Warland Server on this machines :P), i am sure on some day accept to cant close our server and stop this trys. Our team work every day for a Good Server and this not like on our “Enemys”. Ty for Support Guys and Have Fun !!!!
General Warland not have LAG = 0

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