Client Download:
Mirror 1



Line][age 2 Interlude

Client Download:
Mirror 2



Line][age 2 Interlude

Patch Download:
Version 1.5 + Skins



L2warland patch


How to Connect

Step 1. Download Line][age2 Interlude Client
Step 2. Install game in your PC
Step 3. Download Our warland patch
Step 4. Extract and replace files in Line][age2 Game Folder
(  C:\Programs Files\Lineage II  )
Step 5. Run warland.exe in Game Folder
(  C:\Programs Files\Lineage II\warland.exe  )
Step 6. Register an account in Game Control Panel
Step 7. Push Play Button

How to Disable DMG Message

some players have problem with target when appear Skill DMG on the screen

Step 1. Download this file : download
Step 2. Copy this file on warland Folder
Step 3. Run l2.exe inside warland folder
if run our launcher replace again this file with original

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