in Game Announcements from 2016:
19/06/2019 FIX: Bloody Warrior Protected from AOE Damage
19/06/2019 UPDATE: Increase EXP and Adena on Bloody Island
18/06/2019 UPDATE: Player to force quit on Olympiad Match he loose the match and enemy got the points
17/06/2019 We find a problem on gameserver and stuck all players, we search to find the reason, now we are ok
16/06/2019 ALL Players need to be Verify to Enter on Warland, non verify player get kick from the server
16/06/2019 Player on Manual Farm or Farm Assistant checked with simple ingame letter antibot, not need to go on website to get the number and punish is a simple kick without bot points
16/06/2019 Bot Players using Andrenaline etc checked from Website Antibot and collect bot points
16/06/2019 Player on Manual Farm or Farm Assistant checked from ingame Letter Antibot, not need to go on website to get teh answer and punish is a simple kick without bot point
16/06/2019 LIMITE BOTs on PVP / Raid / Epic Zones now not allow to enter in this zones
16/06/2019 BANNED HLAPEX from Warland
16/06/2019 UPDATE 2019-06-16
13/06/2019 FIX: Bloody can use Curse Weapons
12/06/2019 FIX: Increase EXP on Bloody Island
12/06/2019 FIX: Unflag random “bug” on PVP Zones
12/06/2019 FIX: Bloody Offline Shops
12/06/2019 FIX: Relogin protection on PVP/EPIC Zones
12/06/2019 now protected by WarlandGuard
12/06/2019 REMOVE: Antibot from MANOR and TTS Quest
12/06/2019 FIX: Bloody Warriors Offline Shops
12/06/2019 FIX: Relorin Protection for PVP / EPIC Area
10/06/2019 Make check files to get last Warland Files for Bloody Island
10/06/2019 Any “bug” with Bloody Warriors need to report to me, player to not report and use any “bug” remove Bloody Warriors Status from his Char. Is a new system so problems is possible
09/06/2019 Read Facebook or Web Page for more Details
09/06/2019 Bloody Season Start Today after 00.00 Server Time
08/06/2019 from L2Warland Launcher
08/06/2019 Check Files to prepare for Bloody Season
02/06/2019 QHP 2 Sec Dealy , to avoid super spams
02/06/2019 FIX: Mana/Heal/CP Reuse time with “interface”
01/06/2019 Olympiad Players Limit is 4x for non-class base match
31/05/2019 NEWS: Olympiad Limited for Verify Player 1IP/PC per Day
28/05/2019 be ready for this summer ….
28/05/2019 Bloody Season Start 10 June 2019
25/05/2019 VOTE : Go on Facebook Page and give your vote on Warland Poll About BOT / SCRIPT on Lineage2 Community
22/05/2019 UPDATE: to access on Warland Game Server need to start your Client from Warland Launcher. is a NEW DDOS Security
08/05/2019 Add QHP on Warland Gift Box and Decrease Fail Chance
06/05/2019 Player Opinion : Best number for Clans in Ally –> Vote in Facebook Page
05/05/2019 check on altb > shop > limtied time epics
05/05/2019 NEW SHOP : Limited Time Epic’s with GOLD, is a shop to balance Epic Jewels for Newcomers Season. Make Check files to see new items
04/05/2019 NEW Epic Jewels System to Balance Newcomers Season, announce on the next days!!!
22/04/2019 FIX: Remove Duel Might Bonus on Blow Skills, give only normal hit bonus
15/04/2019 Problem with server connection fixed after server restart, we search to find the reason.
10/04/2019 check on Control Panel > VIP
10/04/2019 BIRTHDAY BONUS for VIP/Bless GOLDs
09/04/2019 We Expand Minimun LIFE for 6 Months
09/04/2019 read facebook page for details
09/04/2019 !!! Happy Birthday Warlands !!!
03/04/2019 is a good time for all Warland Community timezones
03/04/2019 Time of Sunday Siege moved on 19.00 GMT+0 is like Saturday Siege time, that change effected on 2019/04/21 Siege
01/04/2019 Check Files with our launchers to be Ready for Event Castles War, coming soon …
30/03/2019 .msgoff Disable FUN Messages like Enchant,Luckybox,Luckyboss,RaidRank for people to not need read all of this
27/03/2019 Use your Special Warland Gift Box , tomorrow change his drop. Read on FB about the Change
27/03/2019 21.00 GMT+0 : EVENT : Spartans King prepare your Fighters. Reward : CEWS / CEAS. All items count +1 , Hero Skills and Clan Skills not count inside the event
27/03/2019 Verify your Unique PC ID with New Lancher (Newcomers Season), check with .verify Command, that allow differnce player with same IP to take our Mass Rewards
27/03/2019 Olympiad Games : All items with enchant level more to +6 Count as +6
26/03/2019 Download our New Patch or make Check Files with our Lanchers to be ready for new Event Spartans King
11/03/2019 EVENT: Reroll Your Weapon & Armor GIRAN
10/03/2019 UPDATE: Auto Punish AFK Players in Event 60min Jail
08/03/2019 Remember Zeus NEVER ask your Password or Pin , if happen that 100% is a scammer. Never share your account info.
06/03/2019 EVENT: Secret Code / Silver Farm 6-9/3
01/02/2019 For this month New RaidRank Reward for Places 4-5-6 , read details on Altb > RaidRank
01/02/2019 Crystal Scroll set to +12
13/01/2019 BALANCE: Cancelation set a MAX Chance 30%
09/01/2019 Flame for Familys, Coutnrys, Races is not accepted here, we start Punish , read our rules
09/01/2019 UPGRADE: Farm Assistant, on slot 7-8-9-10 add self skills, Low Life Skills : Heal repeated until hp go up to 90%, corse drain can used on attack or low life slots
08/01/2019 UPDATE Rule #1 read Altb > Server Rules
08/01/2019 Increase Nobless Reward for Silver
03/01/2019 B-Grade Armors/Weapons Add on Crystal Shop
02/01/2019 You can see Academy Invitation for all newbies, is a list to appear on every char down of 39 level and with 1 click can contact for Academy
02/01/2019 Leaders check .editacademy command
02/01/2019 Use .commands for Warland Command List
31/12/2018 ENABLED: Limitation for Glow Effect in Towns
31/12/2018 ENABLED: Glow Effect in TOWN Limitation
31/12/2018 DISABLED: Red Limitation on Towns.
31/12/2018 Enabled: Town Glow Effect Limitation .
30/12/2018 All Crystal Scroll Drop on Luckybox and LuckyBoss by level
30/12/2018 For the first days of New ERA we Spawn DOUBLE LuckyBox !!!
23/12/2018 All players need to run our updater to take last files, prepare your client for new era
22/12/2018 My Guys i want to prepare your Team / Friends / Newcomers for this new ERA of Warland, speak with your friends and invite him to start on Warland in 30/12 , is a good time for all to play here!!!!
19/12/2018 GOLD B Grade Receipes set on the Half Price
18/12/2018 is not a WIPE, is a Friendly ERA for Newcomers
18/12/2018 is a good time for New and Old Players to increase Enchant Level of his Items and prepare his self for Epic Wars.
18/12/2018 use .newbie for more details
18/12/2018 Exp – Farm – Enchant – Fight
18/12/2018 Prepare your Team for this opportunity
18/12/2018 30 December 2018
18/12/2018 NEW ERA for World of Warland
17/12/2018 DiceDuel Make Duel with Dice and WIN Coin of Luck use .dice command
17/12/2018 Jackpot of Warland Lottery 200.000 Coin of Luck, check Biddy NPC in Giran
17/12/2018 Warland Lottery – Dice Duel .dice
16/12/2018 Warland Lottery and DiceDuel after tomorrow server restart
05/12/2018 RaidBoss : Increase protection for High lvl Chars, now not allow high lvl chars on raidboss area, player on raidboss fight flaged and limit players on normal raidboss area 1 per ip. This Setting make a fair raidrank event
28/11/2018 BALANCED Changes is not Final, we work on next days
28/11/2018 Read changes History on FB about that
28/11/2018 Report me on FB about BUGS
26/11/2018 EVENT: Re-roll Weapon/Armor for Today
25/11/2018 for WARLAND the BEST Interlude Server !!!
25/11/2018 Hello MY Guys, for this week we try to fix any low effected bug if exist on warland,so i want to report me on FB Inbox any bug to you think need to fix, like Skill,Items,Areas,Mobs etc. Together we improve OUR Server. we wait your msgs.
25/11/2018 !!! BUG HUNTING WEEK !!!
22/11/2018 BLACKFRIDAY 60% More Days for Blessing Accounts. 25 Days + 15 Days BONUS on 23/11 – 24/11
15/11/2018 PVP Attack with PET on PVE Zones, changes apply after
14/11/2018 14-18/11 : Secret Code – Silver Farm
30/10/2018 UPDATE PVE Zones, ADD 4 new zones , 2 on FOG and 2 on IT , and release the old zones
28/10/2018 read or fb page for more info
28/10/2018 On next Olympiad Period we add a Anti Feed protection. a player can register only 1 character per day in olympiad
28/10/2018 After tomorrow restart we add a new protection for PVP. some rooms of farm areas protected for PVE , so high
28/10/2018 -=-=-=-= UPDATES =-=-=-=-
23/09/2018 Advertising Event: Share / Tag / Like , a player WIN 50.000 GOLD, check info on control panel.
23/09/2018 TODAY EVENT: Reroll your Weapon !!!
16/09/2018 16-19/09: Secret Code – Silver Event
05/08/2018 ADD: Farm Range on Farm Assistant
02/08/2018 3 Votes = Reward, 2 Votes = No Reward
02/08/2018 Remember to take vote reward you need 3 votes, complete all captcha on all toplist, if vote only 2 banner you
01/08/2018 ADD: Private Stores search engine on Web Control Panel
01/08/2018 ADD: On Hades Warehouse Freight Option
31/07/2018 every day we kick shops on incorrect regions, we hope in 2 weeks all shops set on correct locations
31/07/2018 UPDATE: We limit shops in giran by shop type, read on or facebook about this changes and check the store
25/07/2018 UPDATED Rules #5 AutoFollower Punish with BLOCK
23/07/2018 FIX: Farm Assistant Spoil on first hit
22/07/2018 Set Red Circle to appear only on Check Char
22/07/2018 Set 240 Sec for Antibot Answer
22/07/2018 Add War Music on Antibot Check (as test).
21/07/2018 FIX : Problem with SoulShots, Mana etc
20/07/2018 Add Fast Target on Farm Assistant
19/07/2018 Auto Loot Herbs of Mana and HP
18/07/2018 Free Walk,Lock Area,Lock Target
18/07/2018 UPDATE Farm Assistant add farm styles
16/07/2018 On next olympiad period we disable base class game as text, i wnat to see if Oly has more Active. On
15/07/2018 Boting Hunting Period started ! use .report
15/07/2018 FARM Helper , use .farm command
15/07/2018 Farm Assistant the first server side
14/07/2018 !!! Sunday 15 July 2018 !!!
14/07/2018 Something new is coming on Warland …
08/07/2018 This protection run on BETA Mode
07/07/2018 this change stop player to use bot program for pvps
07/07/2018 After server restart we limit support class like BP / OL etc on PVP,GrandBoss,Siege area 1 per IP. we see the
10/06/2018 Reroll Weapon NPC Spawn Random on the DAY, dont ask when, is SECRET !!!!
10/06/2018 Events Enabled after server restart !!!
10/06/2018 7. Offer: for all Blessing Account for the next 3 days WIN 15 More Day of Gold Rewards (25+15=40 Days)
10/06/2018 6. Extra Rewards for Angels and Demons Wings
10/06/2018 5. Extra Daily Events with Special Gift Box
10/06/2018 3. 2YearsChampions (2x Spawn, 2x Gold Drop)
10/06/2018 2. Silver Farm
10/06/2018 1. Secret Code
10/06/2018 Three(3) Days Event:
10/06/2018 10/6 : Reroll your Weapons
10/06/2018 Events:
10/06/2018 Our Server Complete the Second years of his life, i want to say a BIG thank you on all Warland Community
10/06/2018 !!! WARLANDS !! Happy BirthDay !!!
21/05/2018 Login on control panel to read and accept our Privacy Policy to avoid account termination.
17/05/2018 FIX: Problem with Website payments FIXED
14/05/2018 Scheme Buff Slots increase to 10 per char
14/05/2018 UPDATE : Max SubClass per Player = 5
10/05/2018 100% More SKIN POINTS PROMO: For 4 Days Buy Skin Points and take as GIFT your Skin Points x 2.
10/05/2018 All Changes Effect after tomorro server Restart
10/05/2018 Remember if not update your patch file DC is possible when try to use our Updates
10/05/2018 New NPCs for Warland Services
10/05/2018 New Skins for Armors, Weapons,Accessorys
10/05/2018 Better Weapons Glow
10/05/2018 This patch include
10/05/2018 All players need to Download our NEW Warland patch file from website. Go on > Download > Warland Patch.
30/04/2018 30/4-3/5 Event: Secret Code – Silver Farm
18/04/2018 18-4: Raidrank Changes , from now clan’s on rank 4-5-6 reward all WRP point to Reputation Points.
13/04/2018 14/4: We run all events in Auto Mode for test. start 18.00 , 18.30, 19.00, 19.30 Server Time
01/04/2018 Prepair for Reroll Weapons on the next Hours !!!
31/03/2018 i want to say a big thank you on our player for the support, all together we win this fight !!!
31/03/2018 Last days we receive a big ddos attack for this reason some time see lag in the game, we work to
30/03/2018 Server force restarted to resolve some problems
23/03/2018 22-26/3 : Event Secret Code / Silver Farm
19/03/2018 ======== EVENT ========
19/03/2018 Read our Rules on ALTB > Server Rules
19/03/2018 We need a PLAYtoWIN Server not PAYtoWIN
19/03/2018 DONT Sell/Buy for Real Money BAN is 100% Sure
19/03/2018 we need a clean server PLAY TO WIN and NOT
19/03/2018 PAY TO WIN, Read our Ruleson ALTB> Server Rules
03/03/2018 Events: 03-06/03 Secret Code – Silver Farm
01/03/2018 Params: 1/3: For New Oly period time move 2 hour later to include all time zones and set non-class match
17/02/2018 Reroll Weapon NPC Spawn in GIRAN !!!
17/02/2018 Event: Reroll Weapons Spawn in Giran and Coliseum
26/01/2018 Increase Level limitation to use Global Channels 50 to 70.
20/01/2018 Event 20-23/01:Secret Code – Silver Farm
14/01/2018 Add: Cryptocoin as payment method on VIP Page. BTC,ETH,ETC
07/01/2018 Fix: Stuck Bug on RaidBoss
07/01/2018 Fix : SA for AS Critical Damage
07/01/2018 Altb > Server Rules
07/01/2018 We update our Rules. Please Read
05/01/2018 05-06/01/2018 Gold Farm Event, Champion Spawn x2 times and drop 50% more Golds
04/01/2018 !!! Happy New Year !!!
04/01/2018 3. Player Items with more Enchants to +6 count as +6
04/01/2018 2. Set Minimum Players on Non Class Matchs to 9 Players
04/01/2018 1. Enable Class Base Match , need 5 players to start the matchs
04/01/2018 4-1-18 Olympiad Changes
01/01/2018 !!! Happy New Year !!!
31/12/2017 !!! NEW YEAR BONUS !!!
31/12/2017 60% More Days 25+15 Days for Today Blessing Accounts – Offer only for 31/12/2017
31/12/2017 !!! NEW YEAR BONUS !!!
27/12/2017 Admin Zeus : Wishing you Beautiful Moments, Treasured Memories and All Blessing a Heart can Know. Happy New Year !!!
27/12/2017 01-02 Jan 2018 We run our LofW Events with 3 Warland Special Gift Box per Event for the Winners
27/12/2017 for this Days we make 3 LofW per day with Random Time. Reward 300 Golds for the Winners Team.
27/12/2017 All GoldKeeper Drop 100% More Golds
27/12/2017 29-30-31 Dec 2017 Gold Farm Event
13/12/2017 14-17/12: Secret Code and Silver Farm
13/12/2017 Until New Year Champions Spawn x2 and Drop 50% More Golds
28/11/2017 We find a problem on server network, now problem fixed. Sorry for this situation
26/11/2017 We start work on disable skills , like Bubbles, tomorrow we enable our first fix for all of this skills.
23/11/2017 !!!! BLACK FRIDAY SALES !!!!
23/11/2017 (25 Days + 15 Days Bonus)
23/11/2017 Blessing Accounts
23/11/2017 60% More Days for today
23/11/2017 !!!! BLACK FRIDAY SALES !!!!
16/11/2017 Params: today server restart run at 17.00 GMT+0
09/11/2017 today night we make a fix about power of Valakas – Antharas , at this time is not possible to be
09/11/2017 For a problem on dedicated farm our server stay offline for 3-4 hours, now this problem fixed, sorry for this but
03/11/2017 For L2Network problem with captcha, for your votes use Google Chrome for all toplists, until L2Network fix this problem
31/10/2017 3. Increase Defence and Power of RBs
31/10/2017 2. Disable High Level Chars on RaidBoss Fights
31/10/2017 1. Disable Spawn Window from Website
31/10/2017 1/11: RaidBoss Rank System
29/10/2017 1/11: RaidBoss for Rank System rebuild, we announce change’s at this date
29/10/2017 30/10 : We change pvp Areas like epic etc. now not allow to relogin on this area or summon/viptele party
26/10/2017 Today 19.00 GMT+0 League of Warlands EVENT with Random Team (all items count as +6) !!! RW: Warland Special Gift Box
24/10/2017 We restart the server to resolve a problem with connection, sorry for that !!!
23/10/2017 23-26/10 Event: Secret Code – Silver
22/10/2017 For today Siege i try to limit Guard Spawn with max number 100. if that not work, on next week
12/10/2017 this system enable after tomorrow server restart
12/10/2017 every time to answer our ANTIBOT Guard you can win a random item as Gift with a chance (is
12/10/2017 12/10: ANTIBOT Reward System
08/10/2017 check video on FB Page or Warland Gallery
08/10/2017 we have rework all antibot system, use and see
08/10/2017 for new antibot use > antibot
06/10/2017 Chars to use Account or Char name as PIN CODE need to reset his PIN from Website
04/10/2017 LofW: 8/10 YOLO vs Lollipops Final Match
02/10/2017 LofW: Power VS Yolo
30/09/2017 check for details
30/09/2017 LofW : 1/10 : Lollipops VS Power
20/09/2017 on the next days, we make every day practice match for League of Warlands Event, but only for teams to complete
18/09/2017 League of Warlands Prize / Registration Announce on Facebook Page. Check and Register your Teams
15/09/2017 Sorry for all of this restart , we put some more protectiona dn one of this crash the server, i have
14/09/2017 Event: Secret Code / Silver Coin 14/9-17-9
11/09/2017 Video Tutorial: How to Vote , check on Voting and Facebook Page
10/09/2017 with that we make Clan Eggs a tradeable items with gold to help new clan collect eggs (raidrank event make all
10/09/2017 Add on Community Shop : Gold Clan Eggs
10/09/2017 League of Warlands 5vs5 Tournament
10/09/2017 i think on some hours he fix this problem
10/09/2017 TOPZONE show a message for expire SSL, simple add a exeption with click on button “more info..” or like that
09/09/2017 Download NEW Patch for a MAP with “real” sattelite images
09/09/2017 New Patch Available , make check files from launcher or download zip file from website
05/09/2017 NEW: You can reset your lost password from control panel on Login Page. you need account name and registration email
05/09/2017 We make more simple our voting system, now need to vote on 4 banners with real votes to take our rewards
01/09/2017 use (.raidrank last) to see last month results
01/09/2017 3. SoulT4k3rs 64769 WRP
01/09/2017 2. Silvers 67119 WRP
01/09/2017 1. Tryhards 72592 WRP
01/09/2017 Raidboss Rank LIST for 08/2017
30/08/2017 All Summoner Pet time increase to 2 hours, like all other buffs
27/08/2017 Prepare your Team for Registration Date
27/08/2017 First Day Fight 1 October 2017
27/08/2017 Registration Starting 18 Sep 2017
27/08/2017 Event: League Of Legends 5vs5 Tournament
10/08/17 11-15/8: Secret Code / Silver Event
06/08/17 On the next olympiad period we increase random end date from 1 to -3 / +3 to avoidlast day Feeds.
06/08/17 About last oly period. normaly this period end before 1-3 but server not shoutdown correct for a internal error, now i
04/08/17 Boss for Kerta Ally,Varka Ally and Barakiel Removed from Rank Point System help players to complete this quest
03/08/17 FIX: High Level Chars Hits on RaidBoss
01/08/17 Raidboss to spawn more to 1 time per day remove from ranking system
31/07/17 today enable RaidBoss Rank System on Test mode, all Points delete tomorrow.
30/07/17 1 August 2017 : RaidBoss Rank System NEW
23/06/17 Params: FIX: Tyrant Critical Rate, now recalculate with a more balance value
21/06/17 FIX: Olympiad Resist for Skills like Stun,Sleep,Root,Fear etc
21/06/17 All have a minimum and a maximum chance rate to calculate player resists from armors set, buffs, items
19/06/17 For next days i work on Olympiad Match Balance
18/06/17 TTS Quest work again after tomorrow server rr
10/06/17 for today 10/6/2017 all VIP/BLESS Payments got a Extra 40% for Warland Birthday !!! 50,00 => 70,00 !!
10/06/17 Events Start at 17.00 GMT+0, be ready !!!
09/06/17 BirthDay Events with Special Rewards : start at 18.00 GMT+0 , be ready Warlands !!!
09/06/17 !! 10 June 2017 !! One Year Online !!!
09/06/17 BirthDay Events: 10/6 with Special Rewards
09/06/17 Be Ready Warland’s!!!
09/06/17 After a Year online World of Warland make a Gift for Event Winners , Reward Angel Wings for 3 Days, after
07/06/17 Paypal Payment have a problem at this time, we speak with this company and report us they tech try to fix
07/06/17 Paypal Payment Fixed
04/06/17 4/6/17: Re-enable Bubblies for Mage, we test on mass pvp to see if dc happen or not. Stay enable only
03/06/17 4/6/17: Replace Buff Animation for Group Heals and Cp Recory to avoid Client LAG on Mass PVP
31/05/17 Now you can learn AUTO Skills from Fortress/AntiBuff/PowerOfVotes every time to change login/subclass/getvotereward
31/05/17 Power Of Votes: Add static value and not % to make it more balance
30/05/17 FIX: Disable SoulShot Effect on PVP Areas, i make that to try reduce Client LAG on mASS PVP, we see on
30/05/17 Change Power of Vote Buff, to make more balanced we remove 10% of all stats and put a standar value like
30/05/17 DISABLE: SYMBOL OF NOISE We find a problem on Cast Range, work to fix this problem
29/05/17 We Defence a big DDOS Attact, for for restart
29/05/17 We Defence a BIG DDOS Attact, Sorry for Restart
28/05/17 Event: Secret Code and Silver Faem 28/5-31/5
28/05/17 Event : Secret Code / Silver Farm 28/5-31/5
27/05/17 Disable AntiBuff on Olympiad Arenas
27/05/17 After daily server restart need to close (exit) your client and open again to update our antibot images.
25/05/17 NEW Antibot Guard too Easy for Humans , impossible to Pass with Anticaptcha
25/05/17 NEW Manor Protector with Captcha, now all player have same chance !!!!
14/05/17 13/05: All Zaken Island Protected by Level (1-68)
07/05/17 We Defence a DDOS Attact, now server is ok again
05/05/17 Antibot Reset Point: Every Monday we reset bot points for player with < 4 Bot Point that help player not
05/05/17 Reset make same time with VIP Reward on Monday 18.00 GMT +0
03/05/17 Verify your Mobile and Win 2000 SkinPoints
03/05/17 Warland Protector add on Fortress Zone , now only Clan member can access on Fortress
30/04/17 About BAD PIN RESET , last day we receive a big amount of scam attacts, Admin from other server to play
30/04/17 if account / pass match login the char and try to find char pin , if a player use pin like
30/04/17 if account/pass match scammer login the char and check if player put a easy pin like 123456,123,000 etc if find the
30/04/17 the problem is not only a player can lost all items on 1 sec why use easy pin, but give hope
30/04/17 if you use same account/pass to used before on other server please change your password from, protect your account !!!
30/04/17 if you lost your PIN CODE visit -> Reset Pin Button
29/04/17 Event: Secret Code 29/4-02/05
29/04/17 Easy PIN like 123,123456 etc Reset, wait for our announce about auto reset
29/04/17 NOT SET PIN like 123456 etc all PINs like this DELETE by ADMIN
29/04/17 to reset your pin login on control panel > reset pin code button, click one(1) time and wait the email
26/04/17 ENABLE: New Voting Reward System !!!
26/04/17 read on Altb > Server News
23/04/17 Reflect DMG (Read on Website for Details)
23/04/17 After Tomorrow Restart FIX:
23/04/17 Problem with Reflect DMG, now player take all DMG and Reflect % of this back to the enemy
23/04/17 Reflect DMG (Read on Website for Details)
22/04/17 Event: FB Like and Share end 29/04
14/04/17 Verify your Mobile Phone and WIN 2000 Skins Points (one time per Mobile Phone), in the future we use mobile phone
13/04/17 MyPOS CreditCard Payment for VIP / Bless FIXED
10/04/17 !!! We Enable the New Payment System !!!
10/04/17 PaysafeCard is BACK !!! For VIP / Bless
01/04/17 2/4 Server Restart and Valakas : Server Restart at 12.00-14.00 GMT+0 only if Valakas life is < 70% we dont restart
31/03/17 3/4 – 5/4 Events : Secret Code and Silver
26/03/17 Enable Second Vote Reward with Top Grade LifeStone 76  = 30% Chance and change totalVotes Reward with better Rewards, all
20/03/17 We edit some client files and remove effects from Massive Skills and ShoulShots , you can use this files to reduce
15/03/17 17/3/-20/3: Event:  Secret Code
15/03/17 17/3-20/3 Event: Secret Code
15/03/17 17/3-20/3 Event: Silver Coin
12/03/17 Our Brazilian Proxy is under TESTING Mode
09/03/17 We defence a big DDOS Attact, work for a shield about that
01/03/17 1/3 : Event : Cave of Death at 20.00 GMT+0 with Full BUFF !!!!!
01/03/17 We receive a BIG DDOS Attact , we analyze the method to build a protection
01/03/17 some last data not write on database from this DDOS attact.
25/02/17 25-2-17: Fix /allblock /allunblock to Block MSG
25/02/17 25-2-17: /block CHAR NAME with Case Sensitive
22/02/17 Event: Silver Event 22-25 Feb
22/02/17 Event Cave of Death Today at 20.00 and for 4 Hours, NPC Spawn in Giran !!!!
22/02/17 Prepair your Partys, but remember you need Full Buffer inside !!!!
22/02/17 22-2-17: Enable our New Geodata and PathNodes, i hope to make our server more good, i wait your report about new
12/02/17 Event: Cave of Death !!!!
12/02/17 NPC Spawn in Giran Town at 12/2/17 21:00
12/02/17 Read our Website for Event Details
12/02/17 NPC Spawn in Giran at 12/2/17 19:00 GMT+0
07/02/17 10-13 Feb 2017 : Events
07/02/17 1. Secret Code Titanas
07/02/17 2. Silver Event
01/02/17 1-2-17: Increase Reward for Clan Quest :
01/02/17 1. The Clans Prestige
01/02/17 2. A Clans Reputations
01/02/17 after server restart
31/01/17 : 31-1-17: .clan_lastactive a command to help clan leaders to see member list with last login. Help to cleanup inactive Members
28/01/17 : 28-1-17: Fix Autopots on Death
28/01/17 : 28-1-17: Fix Dual Pots per tick
28/01/17 : 28-1-17: Create Protection Zones base on char Level
25/01/17 : 25-1-17: Add Auto Pots for CP / MP /GHP
25/01/17 : add pot on skill bar and use left+click to enable, autopot give auto mana,life,cp if go down to 95%
25/01/17 : Add 5 min Delay for Clan Wars Stop/Start
25/01/17 : 3.000 RP Cost to END a WAR, this not allow clan spam ClanWar on PVP
23/01/17 : 24-1-17: Daily Vote Event for one Day if pass 900 Votes all Voted Player Win BEWS
14/01/17 : use .totalVotes to see Daily Reward !!!!
13/01/17 : 13-1-17: Extra Vote Reward base on Daily Votes with 100% Chance
12/01/17 : 12-1-17: VIP on Login Learn Antibuff Protection as toogle Skill
12/01/17 : 12-1-17: Add Delevel  on Service Manager
07/01/17 : Event : Silver Farm  – END 10/01/2017
07/01/17 : Event: Secret Code – END 10/01/2017
06/01/17 : Remove All ClanHall for Clans low to 6 Level, now only clans up to 6 level cna BID for ClanHall
06/01/17 : Remove all ClanHall for Clan lower to 6 level, now only clans 6 level and more can Bid a ClanHall
03/01/17 : ClanHall: Only Clan with 6 level and More can BID for a ClanHall
03/01/17 : Fortress ClanHall : Now a clan can register on Siege if have a Fortress ClanHall and keep Fortress ClanHall with Castle,
01/01/17 : We would like to wish a good new year to all friends and we hope the new year offer generous health
01/01/17 : .voteTime Now you can see next time to can vote our server (if not other vote with same ip from you)
01/01/17 : We release 3 CH, Active Clan can Bid One
01/01/17 : 6/1/2017 We Remove all Clan Hall from Clans < 6 Level , After this date only Clans >= 6 level can
01/01/17 : this help only Active Clans Keep the ClanHalls
01/01/17 : 6/1/2017 We remove all ClanHalls from clans lower to 6 level (5 and down), this help only active clans keep the
31/12/16 : Last Day of New Year OFFER +20% !!!!
30/12/16 : Skin System: Add all Skins for Full Armors Like Draconic , DC Robe etc
28/12/16 : Add: Increase Scheme Buffer 4 -> 6
28/12/16 : Add: Protect HS Quest (Tateo) with Antibot Guard
23/12/16 : Skin System: New Skin Assassin Creed Dark – Light
22/12/16 : NEW YEAR OFFER: +20% on All VIP Donation
21/12/16 : 21/12/16 We add a big Client Update (Warland Files) Need to Wait Updater and all Downloas, if have any problem in
21/12/16 : 21/12/16 Add new Textures for Skin System, all players can disable skins from .skins > Hide Visual, is only optical changes
21/12/16 : Dark Warland Skin Work after tomorrow restart
19/12/16 : New SYSTEM:  .Skins – You can change Visual Equip for Armors / Weapons / Shields / Hats.
19/12/16 : Character must be over to 61 level to use skins commands, this system run as Beta if find any problem please
15/12/16 : Silver Event: 15 – 20 Dec
09/12/16 : Player to use your Account/Pass on other server go and change your pass on website control panel and login all of
08/12/16 : From Now PIN Enalbed by Default, on first Login need to put a NEW PIN to Lock your char and protect
08/12/16 : if window disapear or you need change your pin use .pin command or .lockinfo
07/12/16 : Guys i say every day but most of you dont read my message, admins from other server try to scam your
04/12/16 : FIX: Increase Zaken Lair
04/12/16 : FIX: Disable viptele on Sieges
04/12/16 : Fix: Siege pray back of wall
04/12/16 : Add: BSOE on Fortresws Chars
04/12/16 : CLEAN: Giran Shop with Random Kicks
04/12/16 : ADD: FortressCH Give BSOE Skill on the clan members
01/12/16 : All Player need Change account password from website account manager and in game use .lockinfo command to protect your account from
30/11/16 : Extra Vote Reward is EWS with 20% chance
28/11/16 : Today we add some new configs on Geodata, i want to report me with website message if this configs is better
27/11/16 : Fix: QueenAnt Lair increase the Region to no allow big char to enter
25/11/16 : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25/11/16 : !!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLACK FRIDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25/11/16 : TODAY All VIP Donation take more 50%
25/11/16 : like 5,00 = 7,50 / 50,00 = 75,00
25/11/16 : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25/11/16 : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25/11/16 : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19/11/16 : Minimum LIFE of Warland is 3 Years
13/11/16 : we enable our new geodata , guys check and report me about problems
13/11/16 : target your self and write “.report cant see target” or other geodata problem
11/11/16 : We are Glad to announce  our Admin Company pay all server cost for 3 YEARS. So From now the minimum
11/11/16 : !!! Welcome on the first Long Life Server !!!
11/11/16 : !!! Welcome on the FIRST LONG LIFE Server !!!
10/11/16 : !!! Double Event Days !!!
10/11/16 : 11/11 – 13/11 Run Two Event :
10/11/16 : 1. Event Secret Code
10/11/16 : 2. Event: Silver Drop
08/11/16 : .viptele now can write the name to teleport
08/11/16 : .vip cant speak if is in jail
08/11/16 : New Command:
08/11/16 : .report INFO ABOUT REPORT
04/11/16 : .lockinfo To protect your account
30/10/16 : Event: Secret Code 4/11 – 6/11
28/10/16 : Enable Epic Boss PVP Zones
28/10/16 : check website timeline for details
28/10/16 : if find problem please report to us
28/10/16 : if find problems please report to us
28/10/16 : Fix: After Tomorrow Server RR fix CC and Party DMG on PVP Zones
25/10/16 : New Fortress ClanHall ADD on Web Auctioner check web > cp > auctioner
24/10/16 : .viptele like .gotolove for VIPs
24/10/16 : 20% DROP / EXP / SP
24/10/16 : ======================
23/10/16 : Server is under DDOS Attact , we worikng on this
23/10/16 : Sorry guys for the shutdown but we need stop all services and make a clean capture from DDOS attact, we need
20/10/16 : New Fortress ClanHall ADD on Web Auctioner : Fortress Southern
18/10/16 : About Lag and Freeze, last days our enemys is too active , we receive every day up to 10 DDOS attacks,
16/10/16 : ======= VIP =======
16/10/16 : Win Every Day 100 Vote Point
16/10/16 : can use all Community Function out of town
16/10/16 : use all community out of Towns
16/10/16 : Buffer, Mammons,Warehouse,Blacksmith
16/10/16 : .vip  “MESSAGE” for VIP Chat (Bluetext)
16/10/16 : .viptele Like gotolove for VIPS
16/10/16 : ===================
16/10/16 : Fortress Clan Hall on Web Auctioner
16/10/16 : 20% EXP / SP / DROP
16/10/16 : ==================
16/10/16 : Fortress ClanHall on Web Auctioner
16/10/16 : > Auctions
16/10/16 : for this week extra vote reward with 20% chance is top-Grade Lifestone 76
16/10/16 : forum enabled for poll
16/10/16 : Ask if you want make PVP Zones on Epics
16/10/16 : Web > Cp > forum or
15/10/16 : Changes: 15-10-16
15/10/16 : Release 3 ClanHall from inactive clans , you can try to take your clanhall from Auctioneer
15/10/16 : Check Auctions on the Website:
15/10/16 : We create Fortress as Clan Base ,with Buffer, Warehouse, Global GK, you can bid and win your Fortress ClanHall on the
11/10/16 : Changes: Remove gotolove on Dead Partener
11/10/16 : Changes : 11-10-2016
11/10/16 : Disable gotolove if partner is dead
11/10/16 : Add .vip “MESSAGE”  voice command, allow vips to speak on global channel with differnce color
11/10/16 : Add .viptele is same with gotolove but is betwheen Same party Vip chars and cost 10 Gold per Teleport
11/10/16 : Add : Change Gender (sex) Service manager -> More Services -> Change Gender
09/10/16 : New Video: Schuttgard Siege check website
09/10/16 : New Tool: inGame ShoutBox check on > Game Tools > inGame Shoutbox
08/10/16 : for your security if use same account / pass on other server please change your password on website control panel. ASAP
08/10/16 : your old admin from old server to play before try to scam your account on Warland.
08/10/16 :  your admins from previous servers that you played before , trying to steal your account
08/10/16 : on Warland, use .lockinfo command to protect your char
08/10/16 : for the players to not like our DMG message can read how to disable Dmg Message on
05/10/16 : you can see the map of TITANAS Location on the Website
04/10/16 : SECURITY: All Player to use same Password on All L2 Server need to go on the control panel  and change
04/10/16 : !!!! TITANAS HAS SPAWN !!!!
04/10/16 : Check on the Website for more Details
04/10/16 : Secret Code NPC : TITANAS
04/10/16 : TITANAS is Secret Code Event NPC, spawned on a secret place , you can search and find to complete the event
04/10/16 : 5/10 18.00 GMT+0 TITANAS spawn in Giran Town for 3 Hours
04/10/16 : 5/10 18.00 GMT+0 TITANAS spawn in Giran Town for a Day
03/10/16 : SECURITY: All Players need to change Account Passowrd to a new password to Never use on ther server. Your account can
01/10/16 : FIX: One more DDOS Attact from our Enemys, these days we wait more big attact ,Full Donates and  Wiped server
01/10/16 : L2TopZone Voting Site need to login first on site before vote, this site has change voting system some days ago ;/
29/09/16 : ADD: Vote Extra Reward 1000 Silver with 20% Chance.
27/09/16 : About LAG and FREEZE
27/09/16 : The problem is not from our Server , every day accept 10 DDOS Attact, some of this is too big to
27/09/16 : Warland is most lovely server at this time without Donation and Wipe. For this reason we make too many Enemys to
27/09/16 : This is not possible Guys , Warland Come to stay Many Year Online. Our enemys use too many Euro Every day
27/09/16 : Ty for Support, and Sorry for some time to have LAG in Game. but remember is not a Warland Problem, all
27/09/16 : Be ready the next days 28/9 – 7/10 we receive more and bigest DDOS Attact. We know some of our Enemys
25/09/16 : FIX: Change position for DAMAGE message from CENTER to RIGHT, please me a check files on our launcher !!!!
25/09/16 : FIX: DMG msg from Center to Right, make a check files on our launcher
24/09/16 : UPDATE: Make a patch update  (check files) to take some new Settings.
23/09/16 : Fix: Firewall Problem with Login Server
21/09/16 : About LAG and Freezes, Last days we accept a big amount of DDOS Ataact, Our Shield Defence this Attact and Server
21/09/16 : attact*
21/09/16 : General Warland not have LAG = 0
19/09/16 : read on the webiste for more details
18/09/16 : Event : Secret Code 30/9 – 5/10 collect letter from all mob, complete some secret words and win rewards !!!! more
18/09/16 : Event: Secret Codes 30/9 – 5/10
18/09/16 : Collect letter from all mobs and win rewards
18/09/16 : more info on the next days !!!!!
16/09/16 : all server allow olympiad feed, we try make something, but is not possible every day player force us to ban pther
16/09/16 : Olympiad: We put only IP and Clan Restricion. The only Rule for olympiad match is same with Server Rules.
15/09/16 : 15/9  – 18/9 : Silver Event !!!!!
12/09/16 : Warland player, we are only one interlude server to create a second account protection with PIN. but you are not use
09/09/16 : Silver Event: 9/9 – 13/9 All Mobs drop as event Silver 1-15 with 10% Chance. You can trade Silver for Top
08/09/16 : Geodata Fix Period
08/09/16 : We like inform all of our player, if find any geodata problem report to us on Website Online Chat, we begin
08/09/16 : Grandboss: RB map on website display spawn window for all epics
05/09/16 : GrandBoss Protector
05/09/16 : High Level char Can’t Enter on Grandboss Areas
05/09/16 : Limit Max Level by GrandBoss:
05/09/16 : AntQueen : 48 Level
05/09/16 : Orfen : 58 Level
05/09/16 : Zaken : 68 Level
05/09/16 : if a big char try to enter on this zones move to town
03/09/16 : Antifeed Olympiad Protection
03/09/16 : 1. Need 6 non-class ppl to start Oly Games
03/09/16 : 1. To start Olympiad Game Need
03/09/16 : a. 10 non-Class Participations
03/09/16 : b. Disable Class Base Perticipations
03/09/16 : 2. Match Aborted if
03/09/16 : a. Players is from Same  IP
03/09/16 : b. Players is from Same Clan (remove this)
03/09/16 : if a game aborted by antifeed protection player need to re-register on olympiad manager
27/08/16 : Protect your char from Scam Account with Warland Character Protector , use .lockinfo to see more information. a char with enable
27/08/16 : Warland Character Protector
22/08/16 : i say one more time, if use same password for all l2 server GO NOW AND CHANGE ON WEBSITE , NOW
22/08/16 : Bot on Farm/Fights = JAIL/BAN
16/08/16 : Trade with Real Money = BAN Seller and Buyer
16/08/16 : all account on same History IP
16/08/16 : this is the last warning for all
04/08/16 : Finaly  our Anti DDOS Protection Block Last night DDOS Attact. we proud for this !!!! Now can play without DDOS
03/08/16 : Transfer has Complete !!!! Have Fun !!!
03/08/16 : i hope this company real have Anti DDOS Protection :P, we see tonight 🙂
01/08/16 : 3 days now accept a big DDOS attact, at this moment we find another provider to offer anti DDOS protection, we
01/08/16 : Nothing WIPE :), play normal, all  data simple move to new company
01/08/16 : General Warland never WIPE, stay many year online 🙂
29/07/16 : Antibot Guard: Some player not see window of antibot guard, please center all window on your client. go to option >
25/07/16 : New Version of Antibot Protection
25/07/16 : New Version to See Droplist on Mobs
25/07/16 : (Shift+click on mob)
25/07/16 : xpoff xpon disable for a test, enable again tommorow
23/07/16 : Antibot System
23/07/16 : 2 Point = Kick
23/07/16 : 3 Point = Jail 60min
23/07/16 : 4 Point = Jail 3 Days
23/07/16 : 6 Point = BAN
22/07/16 : Antibot: Punishment for Botting
09/07/2016 read more on Website
09/07/2016 Rank3: 1000 GOLD + 1 Month VIP Status
09/07/2016 Rank2: 2000 GOLD + 1 Month VIP Status
09/07/2016 Rank1: 3000 GOLD + 1 Month VIP Status
09/07/2016 EVENT: Movie Maker July 2016
27/06/2016 2. B Grade Items on Shop
27/06/2016 1. Mana reuse time
27/06/2016 Go and Vote on Forum for server Changes
27/06/2016 ======================
24/06/2016 Go on our Forum and vote for Server Changes
20/06/2016 Warehouse, Blacksmiths, Mammons
20/06/2016 Only VIP Access on CommunityBoard:
18/06/2016 Warehouse, Blacksmith, Mammons
18/06/2016 Only VIP Access:
18/06/2016 Gatekeeper,Shop,Buffer,Commands,Top Players,Clan,Heros,Raidboss,GrandBoss,Register Fortress,Register Siege
18/06/2016 All characters access in town:
18/06/2016 All user access
18/06/2016 some feature access only from VIP
18/06/2016 20 Jun END Free VIP COmmunityBoard
17/06/2016 Use Alt+B for VIP CommunityBoard
17/06/2016 ======== VIP CB ========
10/06/2016 Use Alt+B For Custom CommunityBoard

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