WARLANDS !!!! – Happy Birthday !!!
At 10 June 2018 L2Warland reach the second (2) out of the three (3) year of its function, on those 2 years we witness L2Warland to become the number one server in people heart.
All those wouldnt never come true unless you people,the lineage2 community,didnt daily support all this time. the love you have for this wonderfull game and the trust that you show to us daily make us work for a safer and better server .
At 10 June we achive 2year of function and as we have promised you Warland has minimum of 3years lifetime, for that we would like to thank all the existing players for the trust that show to us but to welcome all the players around L2 community that havent know us yet to come and make their own legend on this wonderfull World of Warland.
Take your decision today because its never too late to start to play at Warland cause of our server features and the long life uptime , you can become in notime a strong player that can participate in the epic battles for Castle Sieges, Epic Boss and daily mass pvp. you can create a warrior that you can be guarantee that you will be able to play for the next 1years and there will be no wipe just like all other servers do to achive more donations.
We are here for the joy of the community and not to make any profit out of it. Trust us and live this wonderfull experience that is called Lineage2 inside the amazing World of Warland.

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