In ancient Sparta, the young Spartans, known as the Bloody Warriors were sent to the wild, when they reached a certain age, in order to survive on their own, without any help from the Elder Warriors.

They had to find clothing to protect themselves from the cold weather as well as build weapons to hunt all kinds of prey to eat.
These Young Spartans (Bloody Warriors) were allowed to create groups to collaborate so that they would have better chance of surviving.

The Elder Warriors of Sparta would search for and challenge the Young Warriors to battle; however, the God Zeus would protect them and would allow for the battle to take place only if the Young Warriors would accept that challenge.

Young Spartans (Bloody Warriors) had greater speed and agility in battle due to their age. They also had Zeus’ blessing which made their chances of survival even greater.

This age will begin in Warland on 10 June 2019.
The Bloody Season begins!!!

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