The “Bloody Season” is a Main Server Feature of Warland for both New and Old players.

During the Season, new characters created have the Bloody Warrior status Enabled.
This status gives to new characters:
– 20% increased Exp / Drop / Spoil
– 20% Attack and Casting Speed
– 30% Running Speed
( This status is automatically disabled when in Olympiad Games )
– GOLD character name
– RED character name
* The colors set automatically every time character log in the game, don’t use color change functions.

Bloody Warriors are not able to trade with or sell to Normal Players, therefore there is going to be a new parallel market for Bloody Warriors.
For Example, a Bloody Warrior can’t buy weapons or armors from normal players, they will have to find a Bloody Warrior Dwarf to craft and Buy their armor and weapon.

The only items that are allowed to be traded or sold between Bloody Warriors and Normal Players are: Gold, Silver, Adena, Crystal Scrolls and Crystals of all grades.

A normal player can’t create a party with a Bloody Warrior. Also, normal players can’t trade their overenchanted weapons to Bloody Warriors.

Bloody Warriors can only fight characters that are like them; They are not allowed to use any third party software like bots and scripts. This way we can provide a fair game
play for everyone.

Bloody Warriors can use our server side Farm Assistant in every area except Bloody Island.

Bloody Island is a Farm / PVP area for Bloody warriors where all players are flagged for pvp. In the Bloody Island players will farm:
– Bloody Souls lvl 45 , 65, 76.
– Raid Boss Stage 1 and 2 .
– Bloody Epic Boss ( Hades Wolf and Hydra Dragon ).

Mobs and Bosses inside the Bloody Island drop:
– Simple Scrolls
– Crystal Scrolls
– Time Limited Epics
– BoGs
– High grade lifestones
And much more..

Bloody Warriors will be able to dismiss their Bloody Status at any given time using .unbloodywarrior command BUT this will be a one way decision. They will not be able to get their Bloody Status back.

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