• 09-01-2020
    1. Antibuff Shield Allow Nobless , Celestia and FOI to pass
    2. Auto POT Blocked if a char is in Stun,Sleep,Silence,Anchor
    3. Fix Skin system for some Accessories Hat
  • 23-12-19
    1. Fix Vicious Stance Calculation for Skills
  • 4-12-19
    1. Fix Dodge Skill
    2. Fix Cubic Heal Bug
    3. Fix Party bug in Oly
    4. Remove info from Oly List before matches start
    5. Add Santa Dress Skin for All Arnors check .skins > armors > last page
    6. Restore retail colors for Weapons
    7. Apply a patch on l2 files to avoid some Client Critical’s.
  • 21-11-19 Summon Life Cubic Increase Reuse time
  • 5-11-19: Disable Autopots on
    Stun and Sleep
  • 29-10-19: Epic Boss UPDATE.
    1. All Epic Boss power Increased by 3x , only Valakas has x2.
    2. Antharas and Valakas Lair run without any players Limit (1000+).
    we take this decision to increase PVP in Epic Boss areas, we see what happen in Antharas (Crazy PVP) VS Valakas (no PVP) , so players limit on lair is very stupid and removed.
    Increase the power of Epic Boss to provide a Better PVP experience in epics zones , at begin power of Epic Boss increase x3, only Valakas is x1 why is already strong as epic. Is possible to increase more the power of Epics in the future until set the best option for all.
    3. Floating Stone not removed by Klein but when Teleport inside the lair of Valakas, that is fair why dc is a bad truth of interlude client.
  • 19-10-19: Skills Balance
    Decrease reuse time of Cleanse.
    Set a MAX Chance to 30%(test) for Seal of Silence and Seal of Suspension.