Arcana lord:
Summon Storm Cubic- damage increased, trigger rate decreased.
Mass Summon Storm Cubic– damage increased, trigger rate decreased.
Summon Binding Cubic- Chance increased.
Spectral Master:
Summon Spark Cubic -Chance increased.
Curse: Poison – Chance increased.
Magical Backfire- Chance increased.
Shililen Templer:
Lightning Strike- Chance increased.
Touch of Death- Chance increased to 80% land rate.
Summon Vampiric Cubic – damage increased, trigger rate decreased.
Dark elf fighters:
Freezing Strike-Chance increased.
Hex- Chance increased .
Power break- chance increased.
Spectral Dancer:
Poison Blade Dance -Chance increased.
Demonic Blade Dance- chance increased.
Sword Muse:
Song of Silence- Chance slightly increased .
Psycho Symphony- Chance increased.
Elf fighters:
Entangle -Chance increased.
Titan :
Armor Crush – Chance increased .
Warlord :
Wrath – Fixed, now correctly reduced cp with 90% chance.
Magic Critical:
Increase limit to 400.
Archers – Range increased by 150.