After the death of Leonidas, the last spartan king, Zeus the father of gods called upon all the spartan warriors to a Grand Tournament that will take place in Mount Olympus to determine the next spartan king, the strongest fighter will wear the title of spartan king, let the games begin!

Spartans King is a daily PVP Event, where the participants fight each other 1 vs 1 in a knockout style event and the winner wins points and silvers after each match. The player with most points in the end of the event is the winner.

More Info about the event:

-players will be teleported to the event and locked in place, our system will unlock 2 players and the fight begins, as soon as one player dies anther player gets unlocked to face the winner of the previous match.

-The event is with full buffs but the use of potions is prohibited.
-Duration of every match is 2 minutes if a winner is not determined in length of 2 minutes the Winner will be the one with most percentage of CP+HP.
-if both fighters have the same percentage of Hp+Cp, both fighters lose.
-players equipment is limited to +1 enchants, higher enchanted items will be considered as +1 enchanted for the duration of the event.
– at the end TOP 5 Re Fight and new kills count x2.