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Hello Warlanders, Zeus here!

Three and a half years ago, a Lineage II server with the name L2Warland was born. L2Warland came to life, after a promise i made to myself, a few months earlier. Before I mention this promise I made to myself, I would like to explain why this was made.

Like all of us, I was a classic OLD School Lineage II player who grew up and loved this game at a time when killing a monster at the Cemetery was a great pleasure. It was a time when we just discovered a whole new world, an open world without limitations like no other game has done before. It was a new way to play video games, it was a world where you didn’t have to put a ball in a basket, but to deal with other fighters with logic and strategy that no NPC could have. To succeed that you had to work really hard on your fighter, you had to find people who would support you in battles, to create CLANS that in the end you felt them like a real family, friends, brothers and lovers.

Like i said before, i was playing Lineage II many years ago for about eight years but then saturation, family obligations and the need to survive made me stop playing Lineage II for several years. Of course if you read this text you’ll know better than me that L2 is not just a game, it’s a great love you will never forget and you always feel the urge to come back to it. So 8 years later I came back and reinstalled the game.

I started looking for a good server to play in. After a lot of trouble i thought I had found the one and immediately I logged in to start a new adventure. I created my old fighter, the one with whom,for many years had beautiful and difficult times but it was always there on the fight next to me and fought for me. And then came the glorious moment, after so many years, to listen to this Talking Island melodic music again and to see the 1 lvl Gremlins looking at me and waiting patiently for my first hit. I press F1 and the Gremlin immediately died my fighter shone brightly and with glory! Yes it was true!! I just got through my first Level of the many that would come

Hours after hours, days after days i was enjoying this wonderful game which even after almost 15 years haven’t lost at all it’s old glory (I thought at the time). A few days after and before level 80 i was trying to log in only to find out that i don’t have access to the Server. Searching for an answer i read on their website that they have WIPED the server. I was thinking “how could this happen to me, i have lost all the work i had done for so many days”. In the old days we didn’t know what WIPE “means”. After my first disappointment I convinced myself that I just was unlucky and maybe i have start playing in the last days of the Server without knowing it.

My desire to play Lineage II after so many years would not just disappear with a WIPE so i was now sure i wanted to start from the beginning, so i would have years to enjoy this great game, even if i had to start from scratch as i had lost all the previous hard work i had dedicated to my fighter. So i recreated my account and my fighter and i met once again the sympathetic Level 1, Gremlin who was waiting for me to start my new adventure.

Unfortunately after a while, maybe 1-2 months later the Server is doing WIPE again.
I’m screaming at my screen “THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE, they’re doing WIPE after 2 months, BUT WHY?”. I started looking for articles in forums. I was reading and calculating the dates between WIPES on many servers and then I realized… the miserable and cruel reality that almost all Servers had created. They sacrificed this wonderful game, almost systematically “raping” it on the altar of money.

I realised that in the end Lineage II had be turned into a plaything that her pimp was exploiting, devaluing it, destroying it and defiling it every day, just to make more and more money, without any respect and without any limit.

Then I was really overwhelmed and frustrated. This frustration and sadness turned into anger, and then I gave myself the promise to do everything I could to create a unique server that would return the glow and the clarity in this wonderful game we all loved, at Lineage II. And that’s how Warland was created!

In my real life i am a CEO of 2 technology companies in Europe, I am a Software Engineer and i know that my love for programming could provide the foundation to create this unique Server named Warland.

Since the beginning of Warland i have set a dozens of rules for myself, two of the most important was: 1. Warland has a LONG LONG LONG life and so I promised to all of you that the minimum life of Warland would be 3 years and 2. i made the choice to keep the server free from corruption so i decided to not to accept donation for Items, Level, Quest, Skills+++ etc and enable only the VIP/BLESS Accounts. From the beginning i pre-paid my server costs through my companies for all the 3 years, so that the life of Warland has nothing to do with his financial situation.

3 years were completed in March, which was the date that Warland Servers first switched on, it was the day my “child” took his breath, it was the start of a long, difficult, but at the same time a wonderful journey that we, all of you and I, would have lived for 3.5 whole years.

This whole time of 3.5 years i was called to make some difficult decisions, some of them were right and some were wrong, but always for purpose of clarity and the welfare of the server, for the sole purpose be fair to anyone while i’m trying to give my best for 365 days a year, 7 days a week… That’s a true fact!!!
But the truth is that I have loved you all, those we agreed, but also thoses we disagreed because we all, together made this server what it is today, we all created, evolved and gave life to this wonderful Server that you call it Warland. Without you all, Warland could NEVER become what it is today, the truly unique Server in the heart of us all like the good old days, like the time we learned and loved this wonderful game, Lineage II.

In our Server -like everything in life- the saturation came… Especially for a community while all the other servers let them play for only 2 months and forget about the real enjoyment of Lineage II which is a long life time. So it’s about time to complete this 3.5 years journey and close the first cycle.
I have the pleasure to announce that on September 20, 2019, Warland will make WIPE and we will launch a new era of GREAT LONG LIFE that you will have the opportunity to enjoy for YEARS!
From now on, all BANS for all accounts within Warland and Facebook are removed. Until the new server will start up, Reward Crystal Scrolls will be given daily with a limit of +18 so you can make +18 your Items and enjoy your Full Power Fighters a few days before the start of our new big and glorious trip!
Take advantage of this short time to set up your Client to be able to connect to Warland with the new Zeus Guard security system so you don’t waste time at the last minute.
All changes that have been made lately to achieve a minimum balance after 3 years Online will be removed in the new startup and Warland will start with its basic properties as we have known and loved it.
The following changes will be removed.
1. Crystal Scrolls, 2. Max Limit +18, will return to +16, 3. Bloody Warriors and what it entailed with them, such as boost stats, farm areas 4. Time Limited Epics etc.

More details will be posted on the official website until the date of the new Launch.
Tell your friends and get ready for this wonderful new journey.

With real great honor and respect
your Admin Zeus!!!

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