Hello Warlanders !!!

Server open in 26 March 2021 19.00 GMT+2.

All Account / Chars need to re-created.

Some Days before the Grand Opening you can Register your Accounts and Chars with 2 days protection about the char names

We announce this date in 17 March 2021


» Xp 12x.

» Sp 12x.

» Adena 12x.

» Drop 12x.

» Spoil 8x.

» PartyXp/Sp 1.2x.

Enchant Rates

» Safe enchant +3.

» Max enchant +16.

» Simple scrolls – 66%.

» Blessed scrolls – 76%.

» Chance decreased after +6

Players Limits  3 Characters per PC.

4 Sept 2021 increase +1 Slot for VIP PLUS

Farm Assistant 1 per PC + 1 VIP Plus (2 MAX) (We not allow AFK Farm, players need to stay on keyboard and answer our Antibot Guard).

4 Sept 2021 increase +1 Slot for VIP Plus

Epic Boss spawn for first time random at

Core : 03 April 19.00-00.00 GMT+2

Orfen : 03 April 19.00-00.00 GMT+2.

Ant Queen :  04 April 19.00-00.00 GMT+2.

Zaken : 10 April 19.00-00.00 GMT+2.

Frintezza : 17 April 19.00-00.00 GMT+2.

Baium : 24 April 19.00-00.00 GMT+2.

Antharas : 01 May 19.00-00.00 GMT+2.

Valakas : 15 May 19.00-00.00 GMT+2.

All Boss / Epic Areas limited for 1 character per PC.

All Boss / Epic Areas is Flag Area.

Epic Boss spawn window on raidboss map set to 3 hours.

Olympiad Match start at 01 May :

3 Hours per Day 21.00-00.00 (Germany Time) (is possible to balanced for difference time zones).

All Item count as +6

First Period of 2022 Increase to +8.

First Period of 2023 Increase to +10.

Anti Feed Options:

1 Character per PC / 24 Hours

Class Base match is Disabled

(Maybe open in the future with one Wave per Time to avoid Feeds).

Olympiad List Disabled.

Observe Match Disabled.

Clan / Ally Anti-Zerg

80 Players per Clan.

2 Clan per Ally.

.editacademy is a leader command to set Clan Recruit in the Game

Castle Protection from Bot Clans

Leader start the Pray only if more of 20 Clan member exist in Siege Area.

Sieges Start in 01 and 02 May.

Viptele Limited for not FLAG or KARMA Players.


» Lucky Lotto / Dice Roll at begin.

» Team vs Team start at 01 May 2021

» Capture the Flag start at 01 May 2021.

» Death Match start at 01 May 2021.

» Raid Rank for Clan Point start a Beginning

» Raid Rank with Epic Reward Start 01 May 2021 first Reward in 01 June 2021.

» Spartans King start at 01 Sep 2021.

» Castle War start at 01 Oct 2021.

» League of Legends start at 01 Nov 2021.

» Secret Code start in the time.

» Silver Farm start in the time.

» Toss a coin to Witcher start at 01 Sept 2022 (1.5 year later) reward balanced in this date.

PK System return to Normal State

(Extreme Karma Mode is possible to return in the Future)

Remove PI PvP Zone

Character can’t  Delevel more to 1 Level by Death but using a NPC Manager with Adena, after delevel all skill reset.

Scroll / Bog / Life Stone Stuck in 1 Slot of Inventory.

Auto Enchant / Augment Server Side System at 01 Aug 2021.

Bot / Script / Interface like Adrenaline/L2Tower/Etc Payed or Free version is not allowed and banned without any warning.

Real Money Sellers Punished with PERMA BAN without Second Chance and add in Warland Blacklist,

that mean every time to trace a player from black list Get instant BAN without any warning.

Punished Flames = Family, Religion, Nationality, Health, Racism and Extreme Toxic Players

We not allow a Extreme Toxic Environment again …

Auto Increased Punish System for Toxic / Flame Players like

1 Punish: 1 Day Chat Ban.

2 Punish: 2 Days Chat Ban

3 Punish: 3 Days in Jail

4 Punish: 5 Days in Jail ……..

Fortress Auction start at Beginning 19.00 GMT+2 , First BIDs End in 27 March 00.00 GMT+2 (after some hours).

We edit this announce if we need to add more details about GRAND Opening and Server Details, so keep your mind here.


Admin Zeus

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