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Patch Download:

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(Mirror 2)

How to Connect

Step 1. Download Lineage2 Interlude Client
Step 2. Install game in your PC
Step 3. Download L2Warland Patch
Step 4. Extract and replace files in Lineage2 Game Folder
(  C:\Programs Files\Lineage II  )
Step 5. Run StartWarland.exe in Game Folder
(  C:\Programs Files\Lineage II\StartWarland.exe  )
Step 6. Register an account in Game Control Panel
Step 7. Push Play Button
Step 8. Need to Add L2Warland Files on Antivirus / Windows Defender White List OR Disable it

How to resolve Windows Defender or Antivirus Problem

check this video Whitelist Files on Windows Security and Antivirus to avoid Game Login Problems

Some Antivirus recognize our launcher as virus threat, that happen why is auto updater and download files from the internet , Need to Add Launcher Files on Antivirus White List OR Disabled it to work normally.

Common problems

Game can't start
  1. Check if you have make check files from the launcher
  2. Check if you have add all LinageII Folder on windows defender white list
  3. Check if you have add all LinageII Folder on Antivirus white list
  4. Download our Patch and Reinstall
  5. Download and Reinstall a fresh Interlude Client using only our Patch
Game Crash when Open
  1. Uninstall Nvidia Experience we know problem with that
  2. Close Discord, some player report problem with discord

i think this problem come from in game chat option of this software

How to resolve Lineage2 Critical Errors