Hello Warlanders, Zeus here !!!

The big day has finally arrived. This is the day I know many people have been waiting for for years. The new launch of our own server, L2Warland.com.

I’d like to ask a few things from the community. Many of you already know how I think about playing this game, what I ask from players and what I can not accept. Therefore, I would like all new and returning players to read the server rules. These rules are 10 simple rules but I want you to know I will enforce them 100% like I did the past years.
I understand flaming is part of this game but I will not tolerate flaming of family members, nations or God/Religion.

Let’s talk about the GRAND OPENING. Today we wait for thousands of players to embark on their adventure into the realm of Warland. This is not just some nice marketing slang.

I am completely prepared for the GRAND OPENING but there may always be technical problems. I am mostly concerned by players flooding at launch which happens when thousands of people try to connect to the server at the same time. You may experience login problems and may get kicked.
Should this happen, I would like you to stay calm and give me time to correct any issues. Drama and flaming won’t help anyone. I am online all evening to make the opening as smooth as possible.

For any problem or question you can ask the Warland players themself. Avoid asking me any non-technical problems as the first hours after launch I will devote my time to technical issues only. There will be too many requests so I can not handle everything immediately.
As you know, I work exclusively on my own to protect our server and its players from corruption.
For support in the first few days you can use the Warland page on Facebook and send a message. Clearly describe the problem and do not write “gm help plz” “gm need help”. Then allow some time for me to read and check your problem.
It may not go as bad as described but I want all players to be prepared for the worst. I will do what I can to make everything work right away.

Do not forget that Lineage 2 and Warland in general is not a Formula 1 race. It is a game and server that will last for years.

I hope for a good start for all of us. That you may enjoy your adventure and time on our wonderful World called L2Warland!!!

With real great honor and respect
Your Admin Zeus!!!