Four Elements is a daily Quest for characters 75+, a player needs to farm four elements in four defferenent location like, Hot Springs, Forge of the Gods, Walls of Argos and Primeval Island, this quest can be completed once a day and will be rewarded materials to craft two potions.
Element Potion can be traded, sold amongst the players and used before Quest period END, after the END of this quest all potion removed from L2 World, we set a minimum time about Four Elements Quest for Three Months July, August and September (Possibly More), but before Quest Period END we announce one week earlier, to give the option on the players to use their potions before being removed from L2 World.

Crafted Potions:

Potion of Power 5% PAtk/MAtk 60 min
Potion of Life 5% HP/CP 60 min
Potion of Protection 5% PDef/MDef 60 min
Potion of Speed 5% ASpd/CSpd 60 min
Potion of Luck 200% DROP/SPOIL/ADENA/QUEST 60 Min
Potion of Zeus 10% All Over Stats 30 min
* You can use only 1 potion per time, cant stack
** Only Potion of Luck stack with all other

Collect Elements:

Element of Water Collect 100 parts
Element of Fire Collect 100 parts
Element of Air Collect 100 parts
Element of Earth Collect 100 parts


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