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» Xp 20x.
» Sp 20x.
» Adena 20x.
» Drop 20x.
» Spoil 20x.
» PartyXp 1.2x.
» PartySp 1.2x.

Enchant Rates
» Safe enchant +3.
» Max enchant +16.
» Simple scrolls – 66%.
» Blessed scrolls – 76%.

» Gatekeeper.
» Shop.
» Buffer.
» Warehouse.
» Blacksmith.
» Mammons.
» Commands.

» Gatekeeper.
» Buffer.
» Warehouse.
» Skill Enchant.
» Augments.
» Event.
» Buff 2h Slots 24+4

Tempo mínimo do Warland é de 3 anos








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Login on Warland with New Protection System

Login on Warland with New Protection System

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NEWS: Limited Time Epic’s for newcomers

NEW SHOP / VOTE REWARD: We create time limited Epic item’s

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EVENT: Spartan King – Only one can be the King.

After the death of Leonidas, the last spartan king, Zeus the father of gods called

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AFK Players in Events AUTO PUNISHED

AFK Players in Events AUTO PUNISHED with 60 Min Jail

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Today is WOMANs DAY

Today is WOMANs DAY , so we reward all online players random in the day with 1 Crystal Scroll for Every Letter of the word WOMAN.

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New Crystal Scrolls Enchant System

Crystal Scroll has a 30% success rate, protect items to crash if enchant fail not crystallize and not lost last enchant level

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