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EVENT: Cave of Death

We glad to announce a new Party/Farm/Exp EVENT with name Cave of Death
When Event run spawn a Teleport NPC in Giran Town and you can teleport on 4 Spot Areas inside the Cave

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Extra: Daily Vote Reward with 100% Chance

on first login on Warland all player need to setup a new PIN Code, this PIN Code use every time to login on the server.
PIN System protect players from Scams

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X-Mas Event in Giran Town

A Christmas Event in Giran !!! With great appreciation Admin Zeus Warland Server Administrator Register your Account START NOW register...
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Client UPDATE – Warland Files – Skins

Dear players 21/12/16 We add some files on Warland Patch you need make check files on our Launcher or Re-download our patch file. This update add some textures to use on Skin System With great appreciation Admin Zeus Warland Server Administrator Register your Account...
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Warland Admins Pay All Server Cost for 3 Years !!!!

Dear players We are Glad to announce  our Admin Company pay ALL Server Cost for 3 YEARS. So From now the MINIMUM LIFE of World of Warland is 3 years :). We hate WIPES and GRAND OPENING every months like all other.Servers. Our server Admin dont Accept Donations for...
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A big thank you for the player Love & Support

Dear players We would like to say a big thank to all Warland players for the great support and love us, Consider this we start the largest advertising campaign’s Hopzone website. With two (2) Background Banners will be able to give the opportunity to all...
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EVENT: Secret Code 4/11 – 6/11 !!!

Dear players We announce a new Farm EVENT with name Secret Code Mobs > 50 Level drop as event one(1) letter with 5% Chance. You can collect this letter and complete some Secret Codes Every code give you the access on the Event NPC to buy Bless Scrolls, Top...
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Auction: ClanHall : Fortress Archaic

Bid for your Fortress Clan Hall NPC » Gatekeeper » Buffer » Warehouse » High Priest » Olympiad Manager Clan with higher Bid Win the Fortress Bid Price is the monthly cost at the end of the month if the winner does not have the appropriate amount into the account...
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EVENT: Secret Code 30/9 – 5/10 !!!

TITANAS SPAWN ON A SECRET PLACE on 5/10 8.00 GMT+0 we POST a MAP to give TITANAS Location you can find now if start search all Fortress , Door is OPEN for you Warland Hero on 5/10 18.00 GMT+0 TITANAS spawn in Giran Town for a Day !!! Dear players We announce a new...
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Olympiad Changes

Dear players We make some changes in Olympiad From Monday we decrease olympiad period from 4 weeks to 2 weeks, decrease limit to start the olympiad games from 10 to 5 , now with antifeed protection is more safe 🙂 Register your Account START NOW register...
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Server Information

We are pleased to invite you to the new Line][age II Interlude Server.
Purpose to offer players the authentic experience on this wonderful game.
On this server you can’t Donate Items has emphasizing Craft, Spoil, Quest, RaidBoss and PvP

» Xp 20x.
» Sp 20x.
» Adena 20x.
» Drop 20x.
» Spoil 20x.
» PartyXp 1.2x.
» PartySp 1.2x.

Enchant Rates
» Safe enchant +3.
» Max enchant +16.
» Simple scrolls – 66%.
» Blessed scrolls – 76%.

» Gatekeeper.
» Shop.
» Buffer.
» Warehouse.
» Blacksmith.
» Mammons.
» Commands.

» Gatekeeper.
» Buffer.
» Warehouse.
» Skill Enchant.
» Augments.
» Event.
» Buff 2h Slots 24+4

Operating System

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Armor and Weapons


Character Balance


Skill Working


Mobs - Drops

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