Auto farm

Introducing the NEW ERA of Lineage2 with the Warland x8 project.

A complete new project with Better Performance, Graphics, and Stable Gameplay.

Join us in experiencing Lineage2 like never before on our new server.

Auto Farm Assistant :

Set your Farm Sortcut on Page 20
Slots 1-4 for Attack Skills

Slots 5-6 for Chance Skills

Slots 7-9 for Self Skills

Slots 10-12 for Low Life/Mp Skills

Sortcuts used with order :
Chance , Attack , Low Life , Self Skills

macros as sortcuts can’t be used

Warland was one of the first servers in the world to provide free a unique full feature AUTO FARM, that will help players to farm in 2023.

After 15 years of playing the game, you cannot click 1,000.000.000 times only to farm or Buff your characters.

Lineage2 Players are not 15 year old kids anymore, we have jobs and families. But they love this game and want to play it, so our team create this beautiful tool to help them.

You can use this Auto Farm free

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