- 20 OCT 2023 -








A brand new client with stunning graphics,

Epic PvP battles and guild wars and much more.


Warland x8 : Grand Opening 20 Oct 2023!

The wait is finally over! Warland Season 4 is coming to you on 20 October, 2023. This is the biggest and most ambitious season yet, with a brand new client to play, and new challenges to overcome.


Introducing the NEW ERA of Lineage2 with the L2WARLAND project.

A complete new project with Better Performance, Graphics, and Stable Gameplay.

Join us in experiencing Lineage2 like never before on our new server.


A complete new project with better performance, graphics, and stable gameplay.
Join us in experiencing Lineage2 like never before on our new server.


» Xp : 8x.

» Sp  : 8x.

» Adena : 8x.

» Drop : 8x.

» Spoil : 8x.

» Raidboss : 8x.

» Quest : 8x.

» PartyXp/Sp : 1.2x.


» Safe enchant +3.

» Max enchant +16.

» Simple scrolls – 66%-25%.

» Blessed scrolls – 76%-30%.


» Character Buffs  20+12 Slots – 2 Hours

» Dance – Songs – Special buffs –  2 Hours

» Mana Drugs –  provide 300 mana per Second for 15 sec.

» Full Buffe


Ant Queen :  20 +/- 8 hours

Core : 33 +/- 8 hours

Orfen : 20 +/- 8 hours

Zaken : 3 Days +/- 8 hours

Frintezza :  2 Days +/- 8 hours

Baium : 5 Days +/- 8 hours

Antharas : 11 Days +/- 8 hours

Valakas : 11 Days +/- 8 hours

All Boss / Epic Areas limited for 1 character per PC.

All Boss / Epic Areas is Flag Area.

Epic Boss spawn window on raidboss list set to 1 hours.


 » Two Week Circle.

» 3 Hours per Day  –  21.00  –  00.00 (GMT+2).

» Without Item Limit  – is possible to change that in the future

» Class and Non-Class Games – is possible to change that in the future.

» Anti-Feed – One Char per Pc


» Clan – 120 Members.

» Ally  –  3 Clan per Ally.

» Castle Protection

» Siege  Areas limited for 1 character per PC.


» Classic Interlude Chronicles -Classic Interlude Plus+ Client.

» One Box per Player on Epics, Sieges. PvP Areas, Events etc.

» Two Box per Player

» Server Protected by Zeus Guard – Zero Bots/Scripts/Cheats.

» Six Months Minimum Life after this time we choose if we want to start a new season or expand this one.

» Flame Control –  Punish for Family , Religion, Nationality, Health Curse.

» Real Money Trade –  BAN for All Accounts.


» Karma System – Retail Like.

» Delevel Characters – on ALTB

» Class Quest –  with Cat in Giran.

» Sub Class Quest –  Retail Like + on Baium Stage add farm option.

» Nobless Quest –  Retail Like + on Barakiel Stage add farm option.

» Learn skill without Books –  Auto Learn

» Scroll / Bog / Life Stone Stuckable – 1 Slot of Inventory.

» Offline Shop , set your Shop in Correct area and use .exit


» Altb Shop – Up to B Grade Armor Set and Weapons

» Auto potion ( Altb > Account Services > Configuration )

» Farm Assistant – Free for all. (Limit 4 hour per Day/PC) Every Week we increase this time by 2 hours

» Team vs Team start at begin.

» Capture the Flag start at begin.

» Death Match start at begin.

Dear Lineage2 players

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of the WARLAND x8 project, a high rate craft PVP server that takes the Lineage2 gaming experience to a whole new level. Our project is based on the classic Intelrude Plus and offers enhanced performance, graphics, and gameplay stability.

We are excited to invite you to join us on this thrilling adventure as we embark on a new journey in the world of Aden.

The GRAND OPENING of the L2WARLAND x8 project is scheduled for the 20th of October 2023 at 20.00 GMT+2. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, we guarantee that you will have a blast playing on our new server.

Our team has put in a lot of effort to create a server that is optimized to provide the best possible experience to players. We have worked hard to ensure that every aspect of the game, from crafting to PVP battles, is exciting, fun, and rewarding. With the Warland x8 project, you can expect to experience Lineage2 like never before.

Don’t miss the grand opening of the Warland x8 project! We look forward to seeing you there.

Admin Zeus


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