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» Xp 20x.
» Sp 20x.
» Adena 20x.
» Drop 20x.
» Spoil 20x.
» PartyXp 1.2x.
» PartySp 1.2x.

Enchant Rates
» Safe enchant +3.
» Max enchant +16.
» Simple scrolls – 66%.
» Blessed scrolls – 76%.

» Gatekeeper.
» Shop.
» Buffer.
» Warehouse.
» Blacksmith.
» Mammons.
» Commands.

» Gatekeeper.
» Buffer.
» Warehouse.
» Skill Enchant.
» Augments.
» Event.
» Buff 2h Slots 24+4

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PVP Protection area for PVE Players

We protect some areas to avoid PVPs from High Level Chars against New Players

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Olympiad Anti Feed Protection

Players can register only 1 character per day, with this method we avoid a big part of olympiad feeds.

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Limitation about Stores Area in Giran Town

We set a limitation about Stores area and free space between the shops.

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Farm Assistant Free for all Warlands

Farm Assistant is a farm helper. Help Warland Players to farm easy but need to stay on keyboard to answer our Antibot Guard Questions.

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Happy Birthday WARLANDS 2 Years !!!

At 10 June 2018 L2Warland reach the second (2) out of the three (3) year of its function, on those 2 years we witness L2Warland to become the number one server in people heart.

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!! Happy Birthday 2 Years Online !!! EVENTS !!!

Reroll your Weapons (only for 10/6)

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