Farm Assistant – use .farm Voice Command

Farm Assistant setup on 10th Page of Sortcuts.

attack order by region type
1. Chance Skills, 2. Attack Skills ,3. Low Life,4. Self Buff

What is Farm Assistant ?
Farm Assistant is a farm helper.
Help Warland Players to farm easy but need to stay on keyboard to
answer our Antibot Guard Questions.

This is a BOT software ?
NO is not bot, this service provided by Server Free for All Players and can be used only
to Farm on Keyboard.

BOT Allow on the Server?
NO, we not allow 3th Soft on Warland, you can report BOTs with .report Command.

Attack Skills like :
Attack Action – Attack Skills

Chance Skills like:
Spoil , Curse Gloom, Surrender Water

Self Buff like :
Focused Force, Bear Spirit, Dash

Low Life Skills like :
Vampiric Claw, Heal